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Hey there! I’m Kendra. Ready to ditch the marketing overwhelm and unleash your inner business superhero?

Discover proven strategies and cutting-edge tools to grow your business faster and with less stress. From crafting compelling podcasts to leveraging the power of email marketing and AI (no robot uprising required), I’ll show you how to attract your ideal clients, boost your revenue, and make a bigger impact — all without sacrificing your sanity or your sacred Netflix binge time.

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Exclusive Access & Insightful Resources

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Exclusive Access & Insightful Resources

Dive into a world filled with tools that can help you and your business reach new heights. Looking to kickstart your podcast, expand your audience, or get savvy with AI? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Launchpad Bootcamp

Subject Lines So Good...

They Almost Open Themselves!
Ever wonder why some emails make you click faster than you can say “What’s this?” Grab my guide with 27 top-performing subject lines and simple tips on emojis, personalization, and snappiness. Ready to boost those open rates?

reach your first 1000 subscribers

Reach Your First 1000 Subscribers

Audience Growth Made Simple. Uncover the “7 Strategies to Reach Your First 1000 Subscribers” and kick off your community-building journey right now. Grab your free guide and take the first step towards a profitable email list.

AI in Communications

Mastering AI in Communications

Save Time. Grab your copy of my book, “Mastering AI in Communications,” and learn how to seamlessly integrate AI into your daily routine to save time and money. It’s packed with tips and tricks to ensure your AI-created content sounds just like you, not a robot.

Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Real Strategies, Real Results. No Perfection Required.

Jump into the Imperfect Marketing Podcast, where every episode is packed with useful tips and real-world advice made for busy folks like you. Whether it’s quick advice you can apply right away or deeper 30-minute talks with experts, we’ve got everything you need to boost your audience, make the most of your time, and find lasting success.

Imperfect Marketing Podcast
Your Communications

Master AI in

Your Communications

Unlock Efficiency & Creativity with AI

Dive into ‘Mastering AI in Communications’ to boost your efficiency and get those creative juices flowing. I break down how to make AI work for you, including my CREATE Prompt framework. This book is all about using AI to make your writing sharp, your brand stand out, and your campaign ideas pop, while still sounding like yourself.

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“Kendra provided me with everything I needed to execute my plan in an easy to navigate document that I can refer to throughout the year.”
- Angela M., B2B Service Company Owner and VIP Day Client

“Kendra provided a great experience that was well laid out. She always leaves time for questions and discussions. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
- R.C. Podcast Bootcamp Attendee

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