151: Maximizing Marketing on a Tight Budget: Kendra Corman’s Strategies and Insights

Nov 21, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Are you feeling the pinch of a tight marketing budget but refuse to let it slow your business down? This episode is your treasure trove of budget-friendly marketing insights. As your host, Kendra Corman, I share my tried-and-true strategies for making the most out of limited resources. We explore the importance of building connections through local networking groups and how to maximize their potential for growth. We dive into the digital marketing world and discuss how social media and valuable content creation can effectively reach your target audience. Plus, we uncover the power of email marketing tools and their potential benefits for your business.

No marketing discussion would be complete without touching on the art of authenticity in online networking. In this episode, I underline the significance of being your genuine self and contributing to the community before expecting referrals. We also delve into the world of strategic alliances and how they can open doors for your growth. From cross-promotion tactics to collaborating with micro-influencers, I share my experiences and provide you with actionable tips to thrive. So, if your marketing budget is making you sweat, don't fret. Tune in and learn how to turn that constraint into a catalyst for creativity and growth. Remember, a tight budget is not a roadblock, but an invitation to think outside the box.

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