154: Unlocking Your Purpose: Jannette’s Guide to Stand-Out Marketing Strategies

Dec 7, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

This week's episode features Jannette Anderson, a strategic planning, sales, and marketing expert with over 40 years of experience. Join us as we dive deep into the essence of marketing and personal growth, exploring the critical importance of understanding your 'why.'

Episode Highlights:

  1. Jannette Anderson – The Expansionist: Learn more about Jannette’s extensive experience and her unique approach as a contrarian in the business world. With her extensive background, ranging from a press operator to VP of Professional Services, Jannette shares her passion for helping businesses and individuals grow.
  2. The Significance of 'Why': Jannette discusses why knowing your 'why' is crucial in business and marketing. It's not just about your purpose or mission; it's about the thread that weaves through your life, influencing your decisions and motivations.
  3. Creating Impactful Content: The discussion delves into the importance of producing content in today's saturated digital world. Jannette offers her insights on how to create content that genuinely engages and converts leads into engaged leads.
  4. Lead Magnets and Their Importance: Every entrepreneur needs a lead magnet, but what kind should it be? Jannette talks about the types of lead magnets that are most effective in capturing and maintaining the interest of your potential clients.
  5. Understanding Your Audience: An essential aspect of marketing is knowing your audience's needs and meeting them where they are. Jannette emphasizes the importance of addressing the audience's current problems and pain points rather than overcomplicating your message.
  6. The Biggest Marketing Lesson: In a candid moment, Jannette shares her biggest marketing lesson learned, emphasizing the willingness to make mistakes and the importance of testing and adapting your strategies.

This episode is packed with invaluable advice for entrepreneurs and business owners. Tune in to gain insights that could transform your approach to marketing and help you understand the profound impact of your 'why.'

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