166: Embracing ‘Lazy Marketing’ for Business Growth with Guest Donna Dube

Jan 18, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

In this episode of Imperfect Marketing, host Kendra Corman is joined by Donna Dube, a certified director of operations and business growth strategist. Donna discusses her journey from resisting marketing to embracing it, and how she found a system that aligns with her as an "operator" and a self-proclaimed "lazy marketer."

Key points covered in this episode:

– Overcoming the challenges of integrating marketing into a business that doesn't naturally lean towards marketing strategies.
– Donna’s concept of 'lazy marketing' – a system of implementing one marketing strategy at a time, ensuring its smooth operation before adding another.
– The importance of breaking down big marketing tasks into manageable chunks and systematically addressing them.
– The concept of CEO power hour: setting top priorities every week and ensuring consistent progress towards business goals.
– Differentiating between maintenance and growth tasks in a business and focusing on growth-oriented activities.
– Practical tips for small business owners on delegation and optimizing their time for revenue-generating activities.
– Donna's emphasis on choosing marketing activities that align with personal preferences and the business's target audience.

Donna shares her strategies for avoiding the feast or famine cycle in business by maintaining consistency in marketing efforts and focusing on growth. She also provides practical advice for creating a weekly roadmap that aligns with long-term business goals.

Connect with Donna: 
– Donna's website: https://ceoamplify.ca/
– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donna-dube/
– YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ceoamplify
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/productivityplusva/

– Unlock the CEO's secret to working smarter, not harder with a weekly CEO power hour! https://ceoamplify.ca/powerhour