177: Momentum Mapping: Crafting a Powerful 90-Day Plan with Host Kendra Corman

Feb 27, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Join host Kendra Corman in this episode of the Imperfect Marketing podcast as she delves into the strategy of crafting effective 90-day marketing sprints. Kendra introduces her 'Momentum Mapping' system, a method designed to bring clarity and focus to your quarterly marketing plans.

Key Points Covered in This Episode:

  1. Setting Quarterly Objectives: Kendra emphasizes the importance of establishing one to three major goals for the upcoming quarter, like hitting a revenue milestone or launching a new product, to keep efforts concentrated and effective.
  2. Week-by-Week Planning: She guides listeners through the process of breaking down quarterly objectives into actionable weekly tasks, focusing on marketing campaigns, lead generation, and content strategies to draw and nurture leads towards purchase decisions.
  3. Optimizing Time and Energy: Kendra shares tips on scheduling daily time blocks for creative and strategic work, tailoring these sessions to your most productive hours, and theming weeks and months for cohesive marketing initiatives.

For those looking to streamline their marketing efforts and achieve significant milestones, Kendra's 90-day Momentum Mapping Template offers a structured and practical approach. Download the free template at kendracorman.com/MMTemplate and embark on a productive and goal-oriented marketing journey.

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