179: Getting Granular: Building Out Your Next 90-Day Marketing Calendar with Host Kendra Corman

Mar 5, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Host Kendra Corman takes a deep dive into the specifics of creating a detailed 90-day marketing calendar in this episode of the Imperfect Marketing podcast. Focusing on the importance of granular planning, Kendra guides listeners through the process of turning lofty goals into achievable weekly action items.

Key Points Covered in This Episode:

  1. Mapping Weekly Activities: Kendra stresses the need to break down quarterly objectives into weekly tasks. This involves planning marketing campaigns, email sequences, events, or launches meticulously week over week to directly support your goals like list growth or sales.
  2. Tactics Aligned with Goals: The episode provides a four-week example plan, demonstrating how each week’s activities, like releasing a lead magnet or hosting a webinar, should align directly with the larger objectives of increasing email subscribers or boosting sales.
  3. Consistency and Repetition: Emphasizing the power of repetition, Kendra suggests monthly themes for marketing strategies. This approach not only saves creative bandwidth but also helps in reinforcing the business's key messages, thus strengthening brand recognition.

By laying out weekly activities upfront and referencing them regularly, Kendra assures that the urgency and focus on the quarter’s goals remain high amidst daily distractions. Listeners are encouraged to use Kendra’s momentum mapping or 90-day planning templates to start their detailed planning process.

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