196: Revolutionizing Email Deliverability with Guest Nicolas Topper

May 2, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Imperfect Marketing with host Kendra Corman Episode 196: Revolutionizing Email Deliverability

Join Kendra as she delves into the critical topic of email deliverability with Nicolas Topper, CEO and co-founder of Inbox Booster. Inbox Booster is an innovative platform utilizing AI to ensure emails reach their intended inbox, avoiding the dreaded spam and promotions folders of major email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. With a background that includes a Master of Science in Computer Science and four patents in computer optimization and email deliverability, Nicolas brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion.

Topics covered in today's episode include:

  • The science behind email deliverability and the common misconceptions that marketers face.
  • Strategies for improving email placement in the inbox and not in spam or promotions.
  • The role of content, DNS configuration, and sender reputation in determining email deliverability.
  • The impact of recent changes in email service providers' policies on marketing strategies.
  • Practical tips for businesses to ensure their emails are welcomed by their audience's inboxes.

and more. 

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  • Inbox Booster: Discover how to optimize your email deliverability and ensure your messages reach your audience effectively. https://inboxbooster.com/

Join us for this enlightening conversation on mastering email deliverability, an essential component of successful digital marketing strategies. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to the field, this episode is packed with actionable advice to improve your email campaigns.

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