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September 9-13, 2024 | Live Virtual Event

You started your business to make a difference, to serve your clients, and to create a life of freedom. But now, you find yourself constantly hustling, always chasing the next sale, and feeling like you're on a marketing hamster wheel that never stops spinning.

You know email marketing is important, but it feels overwhelming and complicated. You're not sure what to send, how often to send it, or if anyone even reads your emails. You worry about coming across as spammy or salesy, so you avoid emailing your list altogether.

You dream of having a streamlined, efficient system that nurtures your leads and helps you make more sales with less effort. You long for a way to connect with your audience, build relationships, and grow your business without feeling like marketing consumes your every waking moment. You know there has to be a smarter way to market your business – one that doesn't require constant hustle and grind.

Here's the Truth...

email marketing is the most effective way to nurture relationships, build trust, and make sales without constant hustle. When you have a simple, strategic email system in place, you can market less and make more.
That's why I created the "Market Less. Make More. Bootcamp" - to give you the framework, tools, and support you need to harness the power of email marketing and grow your business with ease.


Introducing the Market Less. Make More. Bootcamp

It's a free 4-day live virtual event that will help you simplify your email marketing efforts and start building meaningful connections with your audience. You'll walk away with practical strategies, useful templates, and the confidence to make email marketing work for your business.

By the end of this bootcamp, you'll have:

A clear understanding of how to grow your email list with subscribers who genuinely want to hear from you
A framework for creating engaging email content that nurtures relationships and encourages sales
A simple, actionable plan for your own email marketing funnel that saves you time and effort
The knowledge and tools to start implementing what you've learned right away

If you're ready to take control of your email marketing and start seeing real results, the "Market Less. Make More. Bootcamp" is the perfect starting point.

It all starts with mastering the fundamentals of effective email marketing. In this bootcamp, you'll learn the key principles and strategies that will allow you to market less, make more, and enjoy the freedom and impact you started your business for in the first place.

Hey there! I'm Kendra.

I am your trusty guide on this wild and crazy journey to email marketing mastery. I've been around the block a time or two (or ten) when it comes to helping businesses just like yours find their stride in the world of marketing.

I've rolled up my sleeves and gotten my hands dirty working with some seriously cool cats, from big-name brands like Jeep to countless entrepreneurs with a dream and a drive to succeed. And let me tell you, I've picked up a trick or two (or a hundred) along the way for crafting email strategies that don't just get your message out there—they make your audience sit up, take notice, and shout, "Sign me up!"

So, I've taken all that juicy knowledge and experience and poured it into this bootcamp like a big ol' pitcher of margaritas on a hot summer day. We're talking a roadmap to email marketing success that's as refreshing as it is effective.

Because here's the thing: I know you've got what it takes to make your business soar higher than a rocket ship on Red Bull. You just need someone to show you the ropes and help you navigate the twists and turns of email marketing. And that's where I come in, with a sparkle in my eye and a spring in my step.

So buckle up, because we're about to embark on a wild ride to email marketing success. And trust me, it's going to be a heck of a lot more fun than a barrel of monkeys (and probably more profitable, too). Let's do this!

Here's what you'll get inside the Market Less. Make More. Bootcamp

4 days of live, interactive training sessions where I'll walk you through my proven email marketing framework step-by-step
Daily 15-minute mindset sessions that are not woo-woo (I am so not woo-woo it's not even funny.)
Recordings of all sessions so you can revisit the material if you can't make it live, for 2 weeks
Day 1

Demystifying Email Marketing

Monday, September 9th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time (1:00 PM Central Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Time)

Day 2

The One-Two Punch of Email Content

Tuesday, September 10th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (12:00 PM Central Time, 10:00 AM Pacific Time)

Day 3

Simplify Your Email Funnel (Part 1)

Wednesday, September 11th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (10:00 AM Central Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time)

Day 4

Simplify Your Email Funnel (Part 2)

Thursday, September 12th at 4:00 PM Eastern Time (3:00 PM Central Time, 1:00 PM Pacific Time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure you have the time or if this will be what you are looking for? Check out the frequently asked questions and answers.

How much time will this bootcamp take? I'm already pretty busy!

Each day of the bootcamp includes a one-hour live session and about an hour of work on the accompanying worksheets. We've designed the program to be impactful without being overwhelming, so you can fit it into your busy schedule and start seeing results right away.

Will I be able to ask questions during the bootcamp?

Absolutely! We want this to be an interactive experience. You can submit questions in advance, ask them live during the sessions, or send them in after each session using our online form. Every single question will be answered, so you'll have all the support you need.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

No worries! We know life can be unpredictable. All the session recordings will be available in your portal for a full two weeks after the bootcamp ends. You'll have access until September 20th, giving you plenty of time to work through the material at your own pace.

Who is this bootcamp for?

This bootcamp is perfect for busy coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs who want to leverage email marketing to grow their business without sacrificing all their time. If you're ready to simplify your marketing efforts and start seeing real results, this is for you. And if you're already doing some email marketing, this bootcamp will help you level up your game.

What if I'm totally new to email marketing?

That's totally fine! This bootcamp is beginner-friendly, so no prior experience is necessary. We'll guide you through the fundamentals and help you build a strong foundation for your email marketing efforts. Whether you're a total newbie or you've dabbled in email before, you'll walk away with valuable insights and actionable strategies.

Will I get access to any resources or templates?

Yes, you'll get access to a worksheet or multiple worksheets for each session. These will help you implement what you learn and make the most of your email marketing efforts. 

What are the dates and times of the bootcamp sessions?

Day 1: Monday, September 9th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time (1:00 PM Central Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Time)
Tuesday, September 10th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (12:00 PM Central Time, 10:00 AM Pacific Time)
Wednesday, September 11th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (10:00 AM Central Time, 8:00 AM Pacific Time)
Thursday, September 12th at 4:00 PM Eastern Time (3:00 PM Central Time, 1:00 PM Pacific Time)

We've varied the session times to accommodate different schedules, so hopefully you can find a time that works well for you. And remember, if you can't make a live session, the recordings will be available in your portal until September 20th, so you can catch up whenever it's convenient for you.

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