Bonus with C.Lee on Paper Organizing

Jul 10, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

What if there was a way to transform your relationship with paper clutter and finally make peace with that dreaded 'Doom box'? That's exactly what we're exploring today with our special guest, C. Lee Cawley, creator of the Paper Cleanse course. Her revolutionary approach to paper management, aptly named the KARMA of Paper Management, has changed my life, and I guarantee it will do the same for you.

We kick off the conversation by diving into the intricacies of paper organization, something most of us never learned in school or at home. C.Lee shares the five categories in her system: Krud, Action Items, Active Projects, Reference, and Memorabilia, and how it empowers you to trust your own judgment when deciding what stays and what goes. Then, we pull back the curtain on tackling personal belongings, providing you with practical tips to battle the 'Doom box.' We highlight the importance of realistic time estimates in such projects and why exercising your decision-making muscle is key.

Shifting gears, we get personal with C. Lee about managing paper clutter and memorabilia. She shares her unique 'stewing' method, which can help you truly decide what's worth keeping.

Lastly, we leave you with a tantalizing sneak peek of C. Lee's upcoming masterclass that promises to bring a new level of productivity to your life. Subscribe and tune in for an enlightening conversation that will revolutionize your approach to paper organization.

Looking to join C.Lee for her Masterclass on July 13th? Click here: https://www.cleecawley.com/a/2147507426/8abNTwko  

You can also visit her website here:

Finally, check out our last podcast episode from National Clean Your Desk Day: https://imperfectmarketing.kendracorman.com/1974786/11954508-bonus-episode-organizing-papers-with-c-lee-cawley

Please note that I am an affiliate for C.Lee and the Paper Cleanse and may receive some compensation if you click on my referral links. Feel free to go directly to her website though and bypass any referral links if you choose. Learning from C.Lee can really help you clean up your desk, kitchen table, and everything else you have been avoiding when it comes to paper messes.

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