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Kendra Corman is a dynamic speaker who specializes in leveraging AI, email marketing, and starting a podcast. Her presentations are packed with actionable insights and tactical takeaways, ensuring that attendees leave with practical steps they can implement right away. If you’re looking for a speaker who delivers real-world strategies and immediate value, Kendra is the perfect choice for your event.

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Kendra Corman is a seasoned marketing strategist, working with a diverse range of clients, including small businesses and multinational brands like Jeep.

She’s a renowned marketing expert, known for her practical insights and effective strategies, and frequently speaks at events like Inforum, the Jewish Federation’s Jewish Working Women’s Network, Leadership Oakland, Michigan Business Brokers Association and more. Kendra helps her clients transform their marketing efforts from confusing to compelling and specializes in email marketing, content marketing, and productivity leveraging AI.

She’s no stranger to the marketing world, having over 20 years of experience. Some of her other notable accolades include being a sought-after guest on numerous podcasts and webinars. When Kendra’s not helping businesses grow, you can find her reading, traveling and spending time with her husband.

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Q1: “Most people say email marketing is outdated, but you have a different opinion. Tell us more.”

 Q2: “Everyone wants to know how to create engaging content, and you have a very specific method you teach on this. Tell us more.”

Q3: “Many people believe that marketing is just about selling, but you say it’s about building relationships. And you’ve actually created a highly successful business doing this. Tell us more.”

Q4: “You often talk about the importance of podcasting for personal branding and business growth. What makes podcasting such an effective medium?”

Q5: “The traditional advice for productivity involves time management, but you emphasize leveraging AI. How can AI enhance productivity for entrepreneurs?”

Q6: You’ve spoken about how AI can revolutionize content creation. What are some of the ways small businesses can use AI to enhance their content marketing efforts?”

Q7: “Many businesses struggle with consistently producing high-quality content. How can AI tools help streamline the content creation process and maintain quality?”


  • #1 – How to Leverage AI in Communications
  • #2 – The Essential Role of Podcasting in Building Personal and Business Brands
  • #3 – Transforming Your Marketing Strategy: From Random Tactics to Strategic Planning
  • #4 – Common Mistakes in Email Marketing and How to Avoid Them
  • #5 – 3 Mistakes People Make When Starting to Leverage AI




 “I really enjoyed marketing maven, Kendra Corman’s, “Introduction to AI” webinar presented to the NSSTA Women’s Caucus this afternoon! Her knowledge and experience seem infinite and she made AI understandable to our group! Curiosities have been piqued and I know my colleagues and I are going to enjoy so many new efficiencies! Thank you!”

Christine Logan

President and CEO at Logan Settlement Services


“If you’re looking for a podcast guru to guide you, then work with Kendra Corman.

My podcast is just starting out. Kendra took the time to give me some easy, practical tips to help jumpstart my outreach which I’ve just started implementing. But more importantly, she asked me the deeper question: If everything worked out and you were able to grow your audience, what would you want to DO with your podcast?

This made me think about the impact I’d like to make. Ultimately, I want to leave this world in a better place like most of us do. Specifically, my goal is to make meaningful lives accessible for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (e.g., autism, Down syndrome, etc.) while empowering their families to get the help they need. Growing the audience for the Let’s Plant Houses podcast and all that comes after that should correspond with that goal.

Now I’m thinking about what measurable strategies align because of Kendra’s thoughtful guidance. And this was after just one 30-minute conversation. Hire her!”

 Wendy S. Ernzen, MPA

Fundraising Executive | Let’s Plant Houses Podcast Host | Disabilities & Inclusion Champion


“Kendra helped me migrate my marketing email list from MailChimp to Constant Contact. She walked me through the process and helped me to migrate everything quickly and easily to make sure I could get my newsletter out and not miss a beat. Kendra is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable on the marketing of your business.”

 Dawn Poteau

Executive Coach | Inspiring Leaders to Get Out of Their Heads and Into the Hearts of Their Teams


“Kendra provided me with everything I needed to execute my plan in an easy to navigate document that I can refer to throughout the year.”

 Angela M.

B2B Service Company Owner and VIP Day Client