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List Growth 101

Welcome to List Growth 101, your comprehensive guide to mastering email marketing and building meaningful connections with your audience. This course goes beyond basic list building, diving deep into strategies for engagement, content creation, and leveraging technology to grow your coaching or consulting business. By the end of this journey, you'll have the tools and knowledge to transform your email list into a powerful asset that drives your business forward

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Discover the secrets to building a thriving email list that fuels your coaching or consulting business. List Growth 101 isn't just about numbers—it's about creating genuine connections, delivering value, and turning subscribers into loyal clients. From crafting compelling content to mastering advanced strategies, this course covers everything you need to become an email marketing powerhouse. Get ready to transform your inbox into your most powerful business tool.

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Kendra Corman

Kendra Corman is a seasoned digital marketing strategist. With over two decades of experience, Kendra has guided countless entrepreneurs and small businesses to success through her practical, results-driven approach to marketing. Her passion for teaching and empowering others shines through in every lesson, making complex marketing concepts accessible and actionable for all.


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