Episode 6: Imperfect Marketing with Guest Marci Taran

Jun 2, 2022 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Marci Taran is the owner and CEO of Bradley + Company, more than just a promotional products company.

There are a lot of things we can learn from Marci and her experience of looking at promotional products as a tool in your marketing, not just a pen or a bag.

Topics in this episode:

  • [00:00:49] Meet Marci
  • [00:04:15] It’s about connection, not a pen
  • [00:05:23] How Marci created an even stronger brand for Bradley + Company
  • [00:12:27] Building work-life integration as a busy mom and CEO
  • [00:16:21] Navigating COVID as events went away
  • [00:21:46] Differentiating Bradley + Company in a competitive environment
  • [00:26:32] Advice on marketing
  • [00:30:26] Trends and cool things in promotional products

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