Episode 66: Copyright and Your Marketing with Lisa C. Alvarez

Jan 26, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

I am always looking for fresh images to use in my social media posts, on my website, and for my clients’ projects.

Images are a big part of marketing, and we don’t all have the budget for unlimited photo shoots. (sigh… I really wish I did)

But because so many people need clarification on copyrights and how they work, and what you can and cannot use, I brought in an expert in Copyrights: lawyer and professional photographer, Lisa C. Alvarez.

Lisa shared that copyright is given to the person who presses the shutter button. It’s automatic.

Looking for free images with easy-to-understand copyright info? Start here:

What you need might not be on one of these sites, so feel free to go look and license the artwork you need.

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