Episode 114: Trust-Building Secrets for High Ticket Sales: Expert Insights from Craig Andrews

Jul 13, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

What if your first-time offers could work like coffee dates to accelerate high-ticket sales? Discover the secret to building trust with your prospects through an incredible conversation with Craig Andrews, the principal ally and founder of Marketing Agency Allies For Me. Craig shares a heartwarming story from his own life and reveals how a powerful first-time offer can create a lasting impact in both your professional and personal relationships.

Learn how to create irresistible offers that deliver disproportionate value and solve customer problems without solving all their issues. Join us as Craig dives into the importance of pricing your offers at $500 and delivering 10 times the value for your customers. He shares his insights on providing at least three to five deliverables and the significance of a co-working session to positively influence your customers' decision-making process.

Don't miss this engaging and informative episode with Craig Andrews, as he shares his journey from a failed first attempt at an offer to finally getting it right after 18 months of hard work. Discover how the power of first-time offers not only transformed Craig's business but also played a crucial role in his marriage. Be sure to check the show notes for a link to a guide on building first-time offers and a self-paced course.

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