Episode 124: The Human Touch: Essential Ingredient in AI-Curated Content

Aug 17, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Ever wondered about the intriguing intersection of AI and content creation? Join me and the remarkable David Forman as we explore this dynamic domain. David, a seasoned digital marketer, brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion, sharing his experiences of how Chat GPT can amplify your efficiency and effectiveness in content creation. But remember, it’s not a magic bullet. The quality of the output is directly proportional to the input. We emphasize the need to add your own perspective and wisdom to truly unlock the potential of this tool.

Key Points:

  1. AI as a Tool in Content Creation ([01:08][02:34])
    • David views AI, specifically ChatGPT, as a valuable tool in the content creation process. While it can't solve all problems or write every piece of content, it can be a helpful assistant, especially for solo entrepreneurs or those needing a second opinion.
  2. The Importance of Human Interaction in AI ([02:47][03:11])
    • Kendra and David agree that AI needs human interaction to be effective. It can help increase efficiency and effectiveness to a point, but it's only as good as the input it's given.
  3. AI and SEO ([06:49][07:37])
    • David discusses the potential impact of AI-generated content on SEO. He emphasizes that while AI can generate knowledgeable content, it may not necessarily contribute to a website's authority or trustworthiness, which are crucial for SEO.
  4. The Role of AI in Website Building and Content Creation ([11:33][14:13])
    • David warns against over-reliance on AI for website building and content creation. While AI can provide a good start, it's important to personalize and individualize the content to truly represent the business.
  5. Leveraging AI and Overcoming Objections ([17:59][22:23])
    • Kendra and David discuss common objections to using AI, including concerns about it not sounding like the user or not adding value. They argue that these objections often stem from a misunderstanding of AI's capabilities and purpose.
  6. The Importance of Testing and Progress Over Perfection ([26:35][28:23])
    • David's greatest marketing lesson is the importance of testing and not waiting for perfection. He encourages listeners to put out their 'minimum viable product' and then tweak and improve it based on feedback and results.

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