Episode 8: Imperfect Marketing with Brenda Cadman, Canva Expert

Jun 9, 2022 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Welcome to another episode of Imperfect Marketing. This episode features Brenda Cadman, a Canva expert, and trainer.

Brenda has been an entrepreneur for more than 22 years! After running several successful web agencies, she decided to teach people about Canva and how to use it after realizing what a need there was in the marketplace. She also shares with us how she has dealt with running and marketing two different companies.

Click here to access the transcript and follow along!

Topics in this episode:

  • [0:34] Meet Brenda Cadman, Canva Expert
  • [3:12] How did Brenda become so passionate about Canva?
  • [5:40] Entrepreneurs take what comes easy for granted too often
  • [7:58] Other than technology, what roadblocks did you encounter with your courses?
  • [12:53] How has Brenda managed and marketed 2 different businesses? (Spoiler Alert: She is niching down!)
  • [20:30] What's Brenda's favorite marketing channel?
  • [22:59] Canva's 3 most overlooked features
  • [27:10] What's the biggest mistake people make with Canva?
  • [29:31] What's the biggest mistake you made and learned from in marketing?
  • [33:21] What superpower would you choose for yourself if you could?

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