Episode 97- Brief: Spring Cleaning Your Website Content

May 16, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Start a once a month Website Wednesday or Maintenance Monday for yourself and schedule the 2nd Monday or Wednesday of the month as your maintenance day. I try not to do the first week of the month or the last week of the month because I feel that there is always a lot of other things that go on depending on your industry. 

I usually do a Pomodoro. Work for 25 minutes and have a 5 minute break. One 30 minute meeting. It’s perfect.

Pick one day to set up your tracker…

I would add a tracker in Excel or Google Sheets and just have 3 columns:

1.       Date

2.       Page and links to check

3.       Completed? Y/N

There are a few ways you can add  your pages, but I would add your main pages from your navigation in a list. You can always do more than one page if you want, but this way you have them all on the schedule. 

Think about the length of time your content is good for if you have external links because that will factor into your updating process.

Things happen all the time to your website and we just forget all the places there are links and other pages. 

Schedule a pomodoro, just 30 minutes a month and go through your site to make sure you are giving everyone a quality experience on your site. 

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