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Embark on your podcasting journey with the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp and shift from unknown to influential. Kendra Corman guides you from concept to launch, ensuring your show captivates and grows your audience.

Do you have a unique voice or story that deserves a wider audience?

A story, an idea, or an inspiration?

Welcome to the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp, your key to unlocking your podcast launch. Designed to gear you up and set you on your podcasting journey for just $27.

Why Join?

Expert Guidance: Tap into proven strategies and secrets
Interactive Learning: Learn through live videos and have your burning questions answered.
Value-packed: Gain hard learned, actionable insights.

You're not just envisioning your podcasting dreams; you're making them a reality.

hear from previous attendees:

"I thought I was ready to launch and then I realized there was so much more I didn't think through. I am so glad I participated in the Bootcamp. It saved me from having to redo so many things."

- Previous Bootcamp Attendee

You're staring at the microphone like it's an alien object, wondering how your passion can translate into a podcast that anyone would care to listen to. 

Despite hours spent brainstorming, you feel lost in the vast sea of existing shows, doubting if your voice can truly make an impact or if it will just add to the noise.

Imagine crafting episodes that not only resonate deeply with your ideal audience but also position you as the go-to expert in your field. 

The hurdle? 

You're not sure which steps to take to ensure your podcast doesn't just launch but soars, turning listeners into loyal followers and, eventually, into clients.

Now picture this: hitting "publish" on your podcast episodes and watching as your audience grows exponentially, not just in numbers but in engagement and loyalty. 

Your podcast becomes the bridge connecting your message with the world, transforming your business from overlooked to sought-after, with every episode drawing you closer to the impact and income you've dreamed of.

Why Podcasting? Why the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp?

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, podcasting stands out as a uniquely powerful tool to build your brand, establish your authority, and deeply connect with your audience. Unlike any other medium, podcasts allow for intimate conversations, storytelling, and engagement that can transform listeners into loyal followers and, eventually, into clients.

But here's the catch: the path to podcasting success is littered with pitfalls and common mistakes that many enthusiastic starters fall into. This is where the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp diverges from the rest.

Crafted from years of firsthand experience, where lessons were learned not just from success but significantly from failure, this bootcamp embodies the essence of practical, actionable learning. Kendra Corman's journey from a podcaster with a failed project to the host of the thriving Imperfect Marketing podcast is a testament to the resilience and impact of planning.

The Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp isn't just about avoiding the pitfalls; it's a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to doing podcasting right. From defining your unique voice and audience to mastering the technicalities of podcast production and growth strategies, this bootcamp covers it all. More than that, it's built on the principle that your podcast should serve as a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, amplifying your message and propelling your business forward.

Why is this approach the best? Because it's rooted in real-world experience, tailored to the unique challenges of coaches and consultants, and designed not just to launch your podcast but to ensure it thrives. This bootcamp isn't just about getting you started; it's about setting you up for sustained success.

In a world where anyone can start a podcast, the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp is your bridge to not just starting but standing out, ensuring your voice is heard above the noise.

What do you get?


Expert-Led Training Sessions

Dive deep into the essentials of podcasting with live video trainings led by Kendra Corman, who brings her wealth of experience and insights from both her failures and successes in podcasting. These sessions cover everything from defining your purpose to mastering podcast production and growth fundamentals.


Interactive Q&A Opportunities

Each live session includes a dedicated Q&A segment, ensuring you have the chance to get personalized advice and answers to your burning questions. This interactive component is key to overcoming specific challenges and refining your podcasting strategy.


Actionable Framework

The Podcast Launchpad Framework to Rock Your Podcast Launch is not just theory; it's a practical, actionable plan. From laying the foundation with your podcast's purpose and ideal listener to navigating the technicalities of production and growth, this framework guides you through every step of the process.


Community Support

Gain access to an exclusive Facebook group that opens days before the bootcamp begins. This community is a space for networking, sharing ideas, and receiving feedback from peers and Kendra herself. The support doesn't end with the live sessions; engage through social posts and emails to keep the momentum going.


Tailored Content

Receive detailed emails designed to complement your learning experience. Whether it's a reminder of key takeaways from the sessions, additional tips, or motivational boosts, this content is tailored to enhance your journey from start to finish.


BONUS Masterclass

The bootcamp culminates in a special training session where the focus shifts to leveraging your newfound skills to grow your business. Plus, this session introduces you to the next steps for those ready to elevate their podcasting game

By the end of the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp, you won't just have the knowledge and tools to start your podcast; you'll have the confidence and support to make it a cornerstone of your marketing strategy and a catalyst for your business growth.

Kendra provided a great experience that was well laid out. She always leaves time for questions and discussions. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Podcast Bootcamp Attendee

Join the Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp!

Just $27 and you will be on your way to launching your first podcast episode.

About Me

I’m Kendra Corman. . . Or should I say podcasting guide extraordinaire?

I crafted the "Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp" to empower aspiring podcasters with a ridiculously easy (yet powerful!) way to create, launch, and grow their own podcasts.

With 15+ years of marketing Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and large corporations, I've filled my toolbox with proven strategies that drive results. More specifically, I discovered the incredible potential of leveraging the podcast platform to engage audiences and build brands.

The bottom line – I've taken my marketing expertise, adapted it to the podcasting world, and seen remarkable growth in listener engagement!

Now, I'm ready to share all the secrets I've discovered. Ready to embark on this podcasting journey with me?

My most asked questions...

Who is this bootcamp for?

The Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who has a passion for sharing ideas, stories, or expertise and wants to start their own podcast. Whether you're a business owner looking to extend your reach, a professional aiming to share your expertise, or an enthusiast with a story to tell, this bootcamp is for you.

I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to follow along?

Absolutely! This bootcamp is designed to take you through the podcasting process step by step, including selecting and handling tech. We've simplified complex concepts to ensure everyone, even those with no technical background, can easily understand and apply the knowledge.

What if I can't attend the boot camp on the scheduled days?

Don't worry! The boot camp is live but replays will be made available for a limited time. That means you'll receive the content directly in your inbox, and you can go through it at your own pace.

What support will I receive during the bootcamp?

Throughout the entire bootcamp, you'll have the chance to ask questions and clarify your direction. I will be available to answer questions, ensuring that you have the best possible learning experience.

I don't have a big budget for my podcast. Will this bootcamp be useful for me?

Definitely! The Podcast Launchpad Bootcamp focuses on providing you the knowledge and strategies needed to launch a successful podcast. While we will discuss some equipment and tech options, we also provide numerous budget-friendly alternatives and teach you how to maximize the resources you have.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the bootcamp each day?

Each day of the boot camp is designed to be impactful yet manageable. We recommend setting aside approximately 1-2 hours each day there is training to attend the live lesson or watch the recording and complete the associated tasks. Remember, the more you engage with the material, the more you'll get out of it.

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Take the first step towards making your podcasting dreams come true. Your audience awaits!

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