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Attract Subscribers, Nurture Relationships, and Skyrocket Your Sales

Picture this: You hit “send” on your latest email campaign, and within minutes, your inbox is flooded with notifications of new leads, eager replies, and sales rolling in. Sound too good to be true? It’s not – when you have the right email marketing strategies in place. Okay, some days “flooded” can feel like an overstatement, but selling with email isn’t. Let’s build your Know, Like and Trust Factor.

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Social Media Post Ideas

Identify Your Target Audience

Understand who your audience truly is so that you can write your emails to them!


AI Marketing Primer

AI Marketing Primer

Harness AI to streamline your email writing and idea generation.


Email List Building Strategies

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My Favorite Foundation Tools for Businesses



Looking to get started in email marketing? ConvertKit is free for the first 1000 subscribers, but you do have to upgrade for autoresponders and some other services. Great customer service.

Constant Contact

Email marketing with flexibility for more. Depending on your needs, Constant Contact might be the right solution. With industry leading deliverability, Constant Contact offers a lot of options to help you grow your business with email marketing.


It’s unbelievable how easy it is to design social media posts, reels, stories, videos, flyers and more! I recommend upgrading to the paid version for the expanded access to images, audio and video clips.


This is my overall workhorse when it comes to leveraging AI in my business. The paid version is better than the free version, but it’s a great tool that saves you hours on your content creation, idea generation and more.

I love Claude especially because the free version is the same as the paid version, you just get fewer searches. Now, Claude is a little less sophisticated than ChatGPT but in some instances can give you much better results.


One of the best things you can do is bulk create content. I create content weeks at a time and schedule it using Metricool. You can create posts, reels, stories and more. You can also add the first comment when algorithms don’t want links in the post. It’s free for one brand but if you want to manage multiple brands or add LinkedIn then it charges, but it is a fraction of the price and more flexible than others.

YNAB or You Need a Budget

Money can come in and then cash flows can dry up in the world of entrepreneurship. I use YNAB to create my business budget and am able to have a much clearer picture of my finances when I am accruing for my annual Metricool subscription and Microsoft Subscriptions.