How Social Media and Video are Transforming Marketing

Nov 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Did you know that it’s estimated that video will make up for about 82% of all consumer internet traffic by this year?

The fact is, video is taking over the web. If you’re not on board this marketing trend train, your marketing efforts are almost guaranteed to suffer.

You see, website videos, social media clips, and even email marketing videos are becoming the new norm. This means consumers don’t only want to see this format; they expect to see it. So what does incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing strategy look like?

Follow along to discover the benefits of video for websites and how you can leverage this digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Capture Attention

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of video marketing is its ability to capture an audience and keep them.

Social media marketing is filling the feeds of users with ads and endless content. This leaves consumers looking for something engaging and interesting to entertain them. The rise of TikTok and reels has made finding this content easier than ever.

Video offers an ever-changing source of entertainment that your business can use to educate, sell, and add value for your customers.

Improve Engagement

Not only can your videos capture attention, but they can also help you build relationships with your audience. This is done with a little perk we like to call ‘engagement.’

Videos offer a great opportunity for consumers to get to know your brand on a more intimate level. Whether it be behind-the-scenes clips, promotional content, or educational how-to’s, videos increase your chances of being seen and shared.

If you’ve done your homework on social media marketing, you’ll already know that engagement is one of the prime ways to move your way up the algorithm. This then helps you gain valuable visibility on social feeds. And, of course, since these videos are more engaging than your other content, they’ll have a greater chance of stopping scrollers in their tracks to draw them in.

Influences Buying Decisions

Believe it or not, consumers retain about 95% of what they hear in videos. Compare this to the mere 10% of information retention from blogs, and you’ve got a pretty solid platform for sharing information.

This information retention is so valuable because it provides your brand with the perfect opportunity to influence.

By using video to explain your services, tout the benefits of your product, or even share free information with viewers, you’ll increase your chances of creating that positive impression and gaining trust from consumers. What’s more, by placing vital information at key points of your video, you can actually encourage higher buy-in of products and capture valuable leads with ease.

Impacts SEO

SEO and video simply don’t mix, right? Actually, no.

This concept has been confusing marketers for years, but we’re here to clear it up in one fell swoop. Because SEO relies on the text on your website to be optimized for search engines, many brands believe that using video and images is a waste of time.

While Google isn’t able to formally crawl your video content, it’s definitely not going to waste.

You see, SEO doesn’t just look at the keywords and links on your website. It also pays close attention to user experience analytics, such as how long customers spend on your pages. If a user clicks on your website result and stays there for a few minutes, you’ll send a valuable message to Google.

This longer dwell-time makes Google believe you are a reliable and reputable resource for that query. As a reward, they’ll recommend you to future users by boosting your rank position. Pretty cool, right?

That’s not the only SEO benefit website video has to offer, either.

Builds Backlinks

Backlinks are an essential part of your SEO strategy. They hold power to influence your rank and build authority online that on-page SEO techniques simply cannot match.

Fortunately, video is a great way to gain these backlinks with ease.

Because website video and social media video marketing are so much more engaging than text or image alternatives, you’ll increase your chances of being shared online. These shares then convert to genuine backlinks that you don’t have to recruit or pay for.

Of course, you’ll have to produce interesting and high-quality videos in order to earn these valuable shares. The best way to do this is to develop a solid storyline for your videos before hitting record and continually drawing attention back in with interesting content.

Drive Conversion

Finally, one of our favorite ways to use video for marketing is to leverage this content for conversion.

By placing website video content on key pages such as a landing page, you’ll increase your chances of gathering lead information. This is because those customers now have greater trust in your brand in only a matter of minutes.

Well-executed website video makes your site look impressive and professional. These are two things that consumers are acutely aware of when handing their money over online. With this in mind, video is a great content format for making that killer first impression and gaining brand loyalty fast.

Using Website Video for Digital Marketing

Now that you know the key advantages of using website video for your brand, it’s time to work on your new and improved digital marketing campaign. From social media advertising to lead-generating landing pages, we’re confident you’ll see the results you deserve with this popular marketing trend.

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