How to Create an Engaging Lead Magnet

Jan 20, 2022 | Uncategorized

Have you ever incorporated lead magnets into your marketing initiatives?  

If not, what are you waiting for?  

 Lead magnets are a powerful tool to grow your email list, and are one of your company’s largest assets. 

What is a lead magnet? 

Just as a quick refresher, a lead magnet has the capacity to increase awareness of your brand and provides information to potential customers visiting your site. A lead magnet can take on a variety of forms—from free software trials to interactive downloadable content—but they should always be easily accessible and free to deliver. Lead magnets are a fantastic way to convert people from casual visitors to your website into paying customers.  

One lead magnet that has aided my engagement are my 30 Days of Engaging Social Media Post Ideas. If you are a content creator struggling with ideas, I highly recommend checking them out! 

What makes a great lead magnet? 

A great lead magnet does not cost money, usually just personal information about the individual.  

How much is your email address worth to you? I know a lot of people who will not give out their email address anywhere to avoid getting more emails. 

A lead magnet asks someone for their email address and/or other contact information for them to “pay” for the content you are providing such as an e-book, webinar, or an editable template. 

Another good tip when you create a lead magnet is to ensure that your offering is unique. Does it stand out among competitors in your field? Or is it something easily accessible on the internet?  

A recent DataProt study found that at least 85% of all email messages are spam. Your lead magnet needs to convince your customer that giving you their email address is worth increasing this risk. 

Draw attention to a problem in life that your company can provide a solution to—but avoid giving away too much information. If you completely solve your proposed problem within the lead magnet, then why should your potential customer continue engaging with your company?  

Learn how to balance the information in a way that displays your knowledge of the topic but leaves your customer curious enough to take the plunge and support your company. Prove your brand is the top expert in your field. 

Pro tip: Ensure that your lead magnet offers instant gratification. If a visitor cannot immediately access content promised by your lead magnet, they will lose interest and move on. 

How do you title a lead magnet? 

When creating a title for a lead magnet keep in mind that an ideal title length is between 50–60 characters to maximize visibility within search engine results. 

A great lead magnet title attracts attention—and fast! Be direct and to the point. You have a finite amount of time to hook someone’s attention. 

Would you rather read “The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Great Lead Magnet” or “How to Create a Lead Magnet That Quickly Attracts Attention?” Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. 

Do not be afraid to ask a question in your title. Make your target audience want to learn the answer. How do you create a title for a lead magnet? You were interested in that topic and here you are! Your brain wanted answers. 

How long does it take to create a lead magnet? 

Your time is valuable. If you are anything like me, you are constantly jumping from task to task and doing your best to manage your company and drink that cup of tea before it gets cold. Creating lead magnets does not necessarily need to be a laborious time-eater—but as with any skill, there might be a bit of a learning curve involved. 

A lead magnet can be produced in under 30 minutes or could take a lot longer. It really depends on a few things including: the type of lead magnet, how well you know your topic, and how well you know your audience.  

Utilize pre-existing content in your lead magnet to speed up the production process. If you have Google Analytics on your site or have information on your social media content, you can identify your top interacted with content and start from there.  

If your top interacted with content is a blog post, you can supplement it with a checklist or guide. To spice up the document, consider adding extra graphics.  

Another excellent way to save time is to use templates. Creating your lead magnet from scratch takes extra time. Most templates allow you to personalize so your formatting meets your company’s specific needs. An added benefit to utilizing templates is that you know they work. 

Now, let me caution you about templates. Templates are a great tool, but they are not unique and will not be a perfect fit for your specific content. Make sure you know what you want to create before you head over to check out templates. 

Is your lead magnet ready to send out? 

Before sending out your newly created lead magnet, make sure you check it over for the following: 

  • Have you created a separate landing page for your lead magnet? 

A separate landing page is helpful because it focuses your potential customer’s attention on the lead magnet information. 

  • Is your Call to Action (CTA) clear and concise, and does it instantly grab attention? 

The internet offers up a vast pool of information, your offering needs to stand out. 

  • Have you included testimonials or reviews from previous clients? 

If your lead magnet is a free sampling of a course you provide, include testimonials when applicable! This can increase a potential customer’s confidence in your brand. 

  • Are all your links properly embedded? 

A potential customer will not invest time in tracking down your lead magnet. Always triple-check that links redirect where you intend. 

  • Does your lead magnet include a link back to your website and all your applicable branding? 

Create a lead magnet that drives a potential customer back to your other content and work to build their ability to recognize your brand! 

How do you drive traffic to a lead magnet? 

Congratulations! You have created your lead magnet. The process is not finished yet because now you need to drive traffic to your lead magnet. The internet is too big of a place and just because you built it does not mean that people will download it. 

One straightforward way to draw attention to your lead magnet is to create a pop-up when people visit your website. This pop-up should clearly explain what your lead magnet is while providing a space for the visitor to enter their name and email. Always provide a clearly marked exit point—we want to avoid annoying any regular customers. 

Include your lead magnet in your website’s banner. This option is perfect because it allows anyone visiting your site the ability to click and learn more. Many people get irritated by pop-ups and avoid interacting with them out of principle.  

Use your existing social accounts to drive interactions with your lead magnet. Feel free to promote it on everything from your LinkedIn account to your Instagram stories. Get the word out. 

I know you already use your email to communicate about your business. Draw attention to your lead magnet by including a link to it in your email signature. This is easy to set up and you only need to update the link when you want to promote a new lead magnet. 

I hope this information aids your lead generation. Interested in learning more about what I do? Visit my about page! If you want more information related to marketing or have questions, please join us in our private Facebook group.