Is Email Marketing Dead?

May 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

Many people look at an email marketing campaign like they look at dinosaur bones. Is email marketing dead? True, it’s been around a long time, but no, it’s not extinct.

In fact, email marketing is very much alive and flourishing. It is a valuable part of marketing strategies for business growth and customer retention.

In 2020, there was a reported four billion email users across the globe. Another study showed that 60% of customers who made a purchase did so because they received a marketing email.

If anything has changed about email marketing, it is that people are increasingly on the go. Approximately 42% of people will open an email that they receive from their mobile device.

If you have heard a rumor about email marketing on the way out, it’s simply not true, and here is why.

The Myths About Email Marketing

Some people claim social media is out to replace email marketing campaigns and that millennials do not use email. Others will say that people simply do not want to share data about themselves over the internet, so you won’t get an email address.

Now is not the time to abandon email marketing. Social media is increasing its reach and popularity, but consumers still appreciate receiving emails.

Email reigns as much as ever. It is cost-effective and it will speak to your target audience. This year is not the time to put on the brakes, but “put the pedal to the metal,” friends!

Is Email Marketing Dead? Absolutely Not!

Email is a big part of our lives in today’s digital world. Pew Research reports that 92% of adults who use the internet also use email. Compared to social media, only 79% of online users possess a social media profile.

For further comparison to social media, Forrester Research says that 90% of emails will be delivered to the inbox it intends to go to. When a company posts on its news feed on Facebook, only 2% of its followers will see the post.

Employees spend a lot of time sifting and reading their email inbox, averaging 13 hours per week, in fact. Pew Research reports that 60% of American workers agree that email is “very important” to perform their job duties.

Why is social media not taking over email? There is a higher number of people reading their emails than seeing social media posts.

Adobe reports that 61% of consumers would rather a brand contact them by email. According to Smart Insights, worldwide, 30% of marketers say that marketing email campaigns give them the highest ROI.

Personalize Your Email Marketing Message

To generate the best ROI from your email marketing channel, personalize the message. Experian reports that personalized emails have higher transaction rates by as much as 6x.

Do some homework to start. First, create a robust marketing email list. The better and bigger your list, the farther you can reach with your message.

There are plenty of tools available to help you. You can have a sign-up form ready at the time of a customer’s purchase. The customer can fill it out so you can keep them informed of your brand’s reminders and special deals.

Especially if you are selling a product or service that someone needs or wants, they will give you their contact details for email marketing specials and news. That’s because you are selling something that is of value and enhances the individual’s life.

Be Brief But Valuable

You want to keep your sign-up form simple, so limit the required fields. You can add on optional fields to complete, too, like birthdays, so you can send a special email to your customers the month of their birthday. Someone would be more willing to give you the month and date of their birthday in exchange for a gift card or discount.

You can keep an anniversary log of how long a person has been your valued customer. Then, you can send a marketing email to celebrate their tenure as the date approaches.

A wise piece to include in a sign-up form is giving the customer options on what they wish to sign-up for, based on their interests. They may only be interested in one thing, such as promotions, special events, or newsletters. Let them check off what they want you to email them about.

Any creative way that you can get granular and personalize your marketing emails so that they do not appear to be “mass” and “generic” will increase open and click-through rates.

Send Your Marketing Emails at Optimal Times

If you send your marketing emails as soon as they are ready without considering the best time to send them, then that could be why you ask, “Is email marketing dead?” If you learn to time it right, you will get the best ROI.

To know when to send your marketing emails, you must understand the behavior of your target audience. For instance, a professional type who usually works in an office or at home on a computer jumps in their emails every morning when they start work. 8:00 am or 9:00 am can be ideal for each time zone.

If the consumer is a driver by profession during the day, they may not check their emails until the evening. Perhaps you are a retailer and your business peaks on Saturday and Sunday. Email your customers with special deals on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

If you have a hypothesis about the right time, but you are not 100% sure, it pays to do some testing and see what real-life results you get. As you discover optimal times, it will help you strategize better in the long run.

People Still Love Marketing Emails

In conclusion, is email marketing dead? It is not. It is as strong of a marketing tactic as it has ever been.

If you are thinking otherwise, maybe the way you are going about your email marketing needs a few tweaks. Every bit you improve will bring in more revenue.

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