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Podcasting Resources to Get You Started

Ready to skyrocket your reach, connect with your ideal clients, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a podcasting adventure! From crafting magnetic content to mastering the tech (without needing a degree in audio engineering), here are resources and tools to get you started. Get ready to hit “record” on your success story!

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Social Media Post Ideas

Identify Your Target Audience

Understand who your audience truly is so that they tune in to the episodes you create.


AI Marketing Primer

AI Marketing Primer

Harness AI to streamline your podcast production and promotion.


Email List Building Strategies

Not Sure What to Podcast About?

Brainstorm by leveraging these FREE tools to get started.

Podcast Mastery

Podcast Mastery

Unlock the power of podcasting and connect with your audience on a deeper level while growing your business. Our Podcast Mastery Course offers a step-by-step guide to:
  • Crafting compelling content that resonates
  • Navigating technical setup with ease
  • Employing growth strategies to expand your reach
  • Monetizing your podcast for sustainable success
Transform your message into engaging episodes and amplify your impact. Ready to elevate your podcasting journey?
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Imperfect Marketing Podcast Playlist

My Favorite Podcasting Tools


All of my interviews and recordings are done using Riverside. Riverside increases the quality of my recordings (no matter my interviewees internet speed), creates transcripts, leverages AI to draft show notes and even pulls out clips that can be resized for stories, Instagram, YouTube, etc. easily.


If you are worried about editing video and want a bit more editing power than Riverside, then jump into Descript and edit with the power of AI. You can edit and add sound, video, images and of course remove silences and all those filler words with just the click of a button.


If you are going audio only, Audacity is the best place to edit. It’s free and gives you a ton of flexibility to edit your audio. You can fade in and out, amplify and remove some of the background noise. I LOVE it. I use it for my intro and outro mixing.

ChatGPT and

ChatGPT is one of my most favorite AI tools to create show notes, captions, show ideas, show outlines and more. I love Generative AI because it saves me hours on each podcast episode. You never have to start with a blank slate.


ChatGPT and is one of my favorite AI Chatbots. It listens, and while it has some limitations beyond ChatGPT, it can sometimes be a better option. Test and play and see which one works best for you.


This is a fantastic tool for research. It can research your guests, review other podcast episodes, provide insights and information about the topics you want to promote and even research podcasts for you to guest on. I love Perplexity and what it can find for you.

Mastering AI in Communications

If you are unsure how to leverage AI for your podcast or aren’t getting the results you want, then be sure to check out my book that walks you through my CREATE prompt framework so that you can get unique content that sounds like you!


This was a lifesaver in my podcasting journey. I was running out of people to interview and those reaching out didn’t always show up. It was frustrating. The solution was Podmatch. I can find quality guests speaking on topics I want to share. I can also find opportunities to guest and if you are just starting out, guesting is a great way to get comfortable with podcasting.

Podcast Mastery Course

Want to be guided through the process to launch your own podcast? Then sign up for the Podcast Mastery Course and get started today.