149: The Social Media Calendar: Planning Your Way to Consistent Engagement

Nov 14, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Imagine the power of a well-planned social media calendar in your hands. Yes, that's the secret to maintaining a steady and engaging online presence! I, Kendra Corman, will walk you through the essentials of a well-structured social media calendar, highlighting its pivotal role in ensuring consistency, growth, and engagement of your audience. We'll discuss planning your content, identifying clear themes, and why a calendar can provide a clear framework for analyzing your social media impact. I'll also let you in on my favorite online scheduling tools, and how to use them effectively to keep your social media game on point.

Remember, the key to a successful social media calendar is being adaptable and flexible! I'll share my personal experiences on what types of posts have garnered the most engagement, nudging you to try new things and adjust your calendar based on your learnings. Plus, I'll be talking about a common pitfall – signing up for more platforms than you can manage, reminding you that social media is meant to be both social and interactive. Also, stick around for a sneak peek into our next episode where we talk about cost-effective marketing strategies for bootstrap startups. This episode is packed with tips and insights that are crucial in keeping your marketing game strong. It's time to get social!

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