157: Goal Setting for 2024 and My Word of the Year

Dec 19, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

In this episode, host Kendra Corman delves into the transformative power of effective goal-setting for 2024. Kendra shares her personal journey, focusing on her "Word of the Year" for 2024 – "Discipline." She explores how discipline can revolutionize both personal and professional realms, emphasizing its significance in achieving success.

Key Takeaways:

– The Power of a Guiding Word: Kendra highlights the impact of choosing a 'Word of the Year', with 2024's word being "Discipline." This approach simplifies decision-making and aligns actions with goals.
– Structured Goal-Setting: Utilizing tools like the Full Focus Planner and Michael Hyatt's method, Kendra discusses setting specific, measurable goals and breaking them down into daily actions.
– The Role of Discipline: The episode emphasizes the importance of discipline in managing resources and time, and sticking to set goals.

Notable Quotes:
"Discipline in how I manage my time, my resources, and how I approach my goals."
"Choosing a word for the year is more than just a fun exercise. It’s a commitment."
"It’s about making sure every effort counts, every action has a purpose."

Resources (#notsponsored)
Full Focus Planner: https://fullfocusstore.com/pages/planner
Michael Hyatt's Goal Setting Method: https://fullfocus.co/system/

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