173: Ready, Set, Launch! Planning an Effective Email Funnel with Host Kendra Corman

Feb 13, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Prepare to revolutionize the way you think about email marketing as I, Kendra Corman, guide you through a transformative journey towards building a revenue-rich email funnel. Imagine transforming a mere visitor into a dedicated customer, all through the power of strategic emailing—it's not just a dream, it’s a process I’ve broken down step by step in our latest podcast episode. 

Topics covered in today's conversation include:

  • The three phases of funnel creation: Initiation, Ascension, and Optimization
  • Strategies for attracting subscribers using freebies like guides and templates
  • Nurturing relationships through automated email sequences
  • The importance of refining calls to action and incentives based on response data
  • Examples of how email funnels can be applied to different businesses, like IT consultants and insurance agents
  • The versatility of email funnels for various business models and industries

Kendra emphasizes that email funnels are not just for internet marketers and can significantly benefit any business when used strategically. She illustrates this with practical examples and encourages listeners to consider how a funnel could apply to their own business needs.

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