194: Mastering Brand Strategy for Business Growth with Guest Chaya Glatt

Apr 25, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Imperfect Marketing with host Kendra Corman Episode 194: Mastering Brand Strategy for Business Growth

Kendra dives into the world of brand strategy with Chaya Glatt, a brand strategist, business name specialist, and copywriter renowned for her MAD brand strategy formula. Chaya, also an international speaker and the mind behind the Brand Authority training program, shares her passion for evolving high-performing businesses into iconic brands. With a no-nonsense approach to creativity, she emphasizes goal-focused, data-driven branding and marketing strategies.

Topics covered in today's conversation include:
•The essence and importance of brand strategy in achieving business goals.
•The pitfalls of "creative nonsense" and the significance of aligning marketing efforts with concrete objectives.
•Effective communication with customers to refine messaging and improve engagement.
•Building trust through evidence-based marketing and client testimonials.
•The critical role of website presentation and content in establishing credibility and connecting with potential clients.
•Continuous evaluation and evolution of marketing strategies to remain relevant and compelling.

and more.

Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday as Kendra explores the intricacies of marketing through the lens of imperfection, encouraging progress and growth.


Visit Chaya Glatt's website for free trainings and resources on brand strategy and business growth.

You can find Chaya Glatt:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaya-glatt-copywriter/
Additional Resources: https://chayaglatt.thrivecart.com/chaya-glatts-courses-and-guides/

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