Episode 41: Interest Rates Increasing is Great for Your Marketing and Focus on Engagement

Oct 11, 2022 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of Imperfect Marketing! In today’s brief, we will be talking about two things you should be working on right now.

First, we will talk about the increasing interest rates—which is good for your marketing. Then we’ll discuss engagement and how important that is for you.

Increasing Interest Rates

So, let’s start with why rising interest rates are good for you. I was listening to a podcast—I can’t remember which one—but they said that the market is going to get less competitive as big businesses cut back.


I love this point, and it is so true. Having worked in big business before, I know from experience that larger companies tend to go a bit into survival mode and start cutting back.

What does that mean for you? Well, the ads you run, the content you create, and all of your marketing will have less competition.

When I worked at Burns & Wilcox, since it was family-owned, the CEO invested in marketing when everyone else was pulling back, and he won a ton of market share for the company that the others who cut back were never able to reclaim.

It’s a different perspective, but it is totally true.

So, how can you start increasing your marketing efforts to break through better and build your market share or niche?


Next up is engagement. Engagement is the key to everything!

I do love growing my email list, but I only want to add engaged subscribers. An engaged subscriber will reply to my email, download the images, click on a link, file it to read later, OR even unsubscribe.

I want them to DO SOMETHING and interact with the email I sent—anything will do.

This is one of the things that will keep your email in the inbox. Email service providers (ESPs) have become smarter and more attuned to the content recipients want in their inboxes.

A clean list is a must for getting your emails delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes. ESPs are digging deep into the emails you’re sending and the engagement recipients are having with those messages.

How do you do this?

It’s called List Hygiene. If you are not cleaning your list regularly, you are doing yourself a disservice. Help your audience see your emails and get your message by cleaning up your list regularly!

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