Episode 104: The Power of Sticky Ideas: James I. Bond Reveals Emotional Selling Tricks

Jun 8, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Ever feel like your message is just not landing right? Like you're shouting into the void? Well, guess what? You're not alone. But don't worry, I've got your back. In this episode, we're gonna:

– Crank up the emotional selling dial to make your ideas unforgettably sticky.
– Play around with the magic of words. I'm talking rhymes, alliterations, – chiasmi – they're all tools to sway your audience.
– Build a treasure trove of inspiration to serve as the bedrock for crafting irresistible brain glue.
– Probe into the emotional triggers that supercharge persuasion techniques and catapult sales.
– Realize the inescapable power of human connection in successful marketing and sales endeavors.

Buckle up for a fantastic chat with James I. Bond, a titan in the realm of behavioral management and business marketing.

James brings a boatload of experience from steering a behavioral management firm in Southern California and leading workshops for the US Small Business Administration. Oh, and did I mention he wrote the riveting book, "Brain Glue: How to Sell Easier by Making Your Ideas Sticky?"

Tune in as James and Kendra Corman dive into the thrilling universe of emotional selling and reveal the secret sauce to making your ideas a permanent resident in your customers' minds.

Things to bookmark from this episode:

Grab a copy of James I. Bond's page-turner, "Brain Glue: How to Sell Easier by Making Your Ideas Sticky." http://braingluebook.com/
– Dig into emotional selling and weave it into your marketing blueprint.
– Spice up your messaging with metaphors and analogies for that extra zing.
– Rhymes and alliterations in your messaging? Absolutely, they keep things interesting!
– Play around with chiasmus to craft unforgettable and powerful statements.
– Try a dash of humor in your messaging. It gets oxytocin flowing in the brain and boosts the buying vibe.

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