Episode 116: Boost Your Business Through Thoughtful Podcast Guesting with Sara Lohse

Jul 20, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Do you want to learn how to deliver outstanding value to your listeners every time you appear as a guest on a podcast? Join me as I sit down with Sarah, the creative genius behind Favorite Daughter Media, as we unpack the art of becoming an exceptional podcast guest and utilizing podcast guesting for thought leadership. Sarah's knowledge in podcast production and writing brings a fresh perspective on leading with value, and she shares her insights on how to contribute something unique to the conversation and tells us why storytelling is vital in forging connections with your audience.

Continuing our chat, we steer into the uncharted territory of Lead Magnets and their unparalleled role in podcasting. Sarah details the significance of being instructive, offering done-for-you services, and the power of a strong call to action. She also reveals why buying a URL specific to your Lead Magnet is a strategic masterstroke. As we round off our conversation, we dig into the wide-reaching advantages of podcasting, the importance of aligning with tech platforms that communicate effectively, and address a common misconception about the tech-savviness of younger generations. This episode is jam-packed with invaluable advice and actionable tips, so be sure to tune in!

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