Episode 120: The Power of Podcasting: Building Trust and Growing Your Business

Aug 3, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

What if you could amplify your business growth through podcasting? That's exactly what we're exploring with Sarah St John, an entrepreneur who knows her way around the podcasting world. Join us as we discuss the potential of using podcasts as a lead generator, how to initiate a podcast on a shoestring budget, and strategies to combat self-esteem issues that often crop up in the world of podcasting. Sarah shares her unique strategies, insights, and the importance of being a guest on other podcasts for expanding your audience base.

Key Points:

The Power of Podcasting: Sarah explains why podcasting is a powerful tool for businesses. It's an avenue for people to discover you, get to know you, and trust you. It's particularly beneficial for service-based businesses.

Building Relationships: Both Kendra and Sarah discuss how podcasting helps in building relationships with the audience. It's a platform where people can hear you regularly, which helps establish trust.

Overcoming Self-Consciousness: Sarah shares her personal journey of overcoming her self-consciousness about her voice. She encourages others not to let their insecurities hinder them from starting a podcast.

Podcasting vs. Blogging: Sarah explains why podcasting is the new form of blogging. It allows listeners to multitask, which isn't possible with blogs or YouTube videos.

Monetizing Your Podcast: Sarah shares her insights on how to monetize a podcast through affiliate marketing. She suggests creating a resource page on your website for all the products or services you recommend.

The Value of Podcasting: Kendra and Sarah discuss how podcasting adds value to the listeners. It's a platform where you can share your expertise and provide valuable information to your audience.

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