Episode 143: The Festive Boost: Enhancing Marketing Strategies with Holiday Spirit

Oct 24, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Ever wonder how holidays can supercharge your marketing strategies? We're going to crack this nut together! Starting with a Halloween countdown, we’ll explore innovative ways to make even a last-minute plan count. Spooky social posts, webinars or special events, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also reflect on the importance of post-mortems for past campaigns and the role of return on investment in keeping your marketing healthy and profitable. 

As we march towards Thanksgiving, we'll discover how this can become the golden opportunity to express appreciation for your clients. Imagine sending out thank you notes, small gifts, or even showcasing their projects on your platforms! We'll also delve into how to incorporate themes of gratitude, community, and giving in your content. Now, let’s not forget about Christmas and the New Year – consider gift guides, festive cards, and year-end reviews. The mission is to provide unmatchable value to your audience, so their needs and struggles will always be our focal point. And, don’t skip next week’s Halloween special – a trick or treat spooktacular loaded with marketing tips! So, buckle up and join us next Tuesday for a thrilling ride!

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