Episode 4: Imperfect Marketing with Guest Scott Lawrence of Headshots by Scott Lawrence

May 15, 2022 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Thanks for coming back for another episode of Imperfect Marketing! This episode features Scott Lawrence of Headshots by Scott Lawrence.

Scott is a fantastic headshot photographer who started his career in Insurance and, after launching a successful business, had to start from scratch when his family moved to Michigan. He also shares the mistakes people make when getting headshots.

Scott has a fantastic YouTube channel you should check out to learn how to get the most from your headshot session.

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Topics in this Episode:

  • [00:00:40] Meet Scott Lawrence  
  • [00:05:10] How Scott Rebuilt After Moving
  • [00:12:40] How is your YouTube Channel so successful? 
  • [00:19:51] What marketing are you focused on right now?
  • [00:21:43] Advice for those starting out or growing their business
  • [00:24:55] Mistakes people make with their headshot sessions
  • [00:29:03] What value do brand shoots have for companies?
  • [00:33:07] What to look for in a headshot photographer

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