Episode 81: Making Email Marketing Personalization Easier

Mar 21, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of Imperfect Marketing! Today’s brief is about making email marketing easier and more personalized.

Have you ever gotten an email and been like…  "WOW! That’s just what I was looking for!"

That’s an amazingly perfect and personalized email—whether they included your name or not.

They know and understand their audience, which is key to ALL marketing, not just email marketing.

So, how do you make this easier? Dig deep and get to know your audience. 

Write every email article to ONE person. That’s all. Just one person. 

You should be able to picture them in your head. Close your eyes right now and visualize your favorite client or the person you want to work with most. 

Pause this episode and think about it.

Then, write to that person. Incorporate their hopes and dreams. Help them deal with what keeps them up at night. Use what you know and focus on that connection. 

It’s a lot easier than you think.

I recently spoke with someone who had 3 different target audiences. That could mean up to 3 unique emails. UGH! 

Luckily there is overlap and some similarities, and what’s different can be easily changed.

So, we used dynamic content inside their email service provider to change out the articles based on the target audience tag on their email profile. 

Okay, I know that was a lot of words, so let's try this:

I'm ordering clothes for my husband online, and guess what—they put jackets on sale! They want to communicate that information and there are 3 ways to do it.

  1. They can send an email announcing that men’s and women’s jackets are on sale. Not bad, it's quick and to the point.
  2. They can send an email that says, "we thought you’d like to know that our men’s jackets are on sale" and they could ALSO reference how it goes with another item I purchased.
  3. They can use my pronouns and send me something completely disconnected from anything I've purchased from them. Oh, and P.S., the women’s jackets are on sale. Deleted folder here we come!

This works with services too. Try sending a different intro paragraph to your referral partners than you send to your prospects and clients.

All of these are excellent options and can make your email marketing more personalized.

I know, I know. I hear you saying that sounds like a lot of work…

I promise you it's a lot less work than you're thinking! Dynamic content is a great tool to leverage and you don’t need to create 3 entirely different emails.

So…. Where are you headed with your email marketing? How are you making email marketing personalization easier?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! You can find me at support@kendracorman.com

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