181: From Strategy to Execution: Implementing Your 90-Day Plan for Maximum Impact with Host Kendra Corman

Mar 12, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the Imperfect Marketing podcast, host Kendra Corman delves into the crucial aspect of executing 90-day marketing plans effectively. She shares insights on overcoming common challenges and offers strategies for ensuring that your ambitious marketing strategies are successfully put into action.

Key Points Covered in This Episode:

Strategies for Troubleshooting and Optimization: Kendra advises on learning from failures, realigning efforts towards successful initiatives, and staying on top of key metrics to optimize high-performing components of your marketing plan.

Managing Distractions and Organization: The importance of using project management tools and scheduling focused work sessions is highlighted to minimize distractions and maintain organization. Kendra personally recommends Asana for task organization and Pomodoros for managing focus and productivity.

Building Resilience Against Setbacks: Kendra emphasizes the importance of celebrating small wins and building contingency plans to mitigate unforeseen setbacks. She suggests allocating buffer times in weekly schedules for unexpected occurrences.

By implementing these strategies, Kendra assures listeners that they can navigate the complexities of executing a comprehensive 90-day marketing plan. The episode aims to provide listeners with practical tips for turning their strategic visions into tangible results.

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