185: Quarterly Check-In: Assessing What Worked and What Didn’t in Q1 with Host Kendra Corman

Mar 26, 2024 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

In this episode of Imperfect Marketing, host Kendra Corman delves into the crucial practice of conducting a quarterly check-in. This episode focuses on evaluating the first quarter's successes and shortcomings, highlighting the importance of this process in fostering business growth and improvement.

Key Points Covered in This Episode:

Assessing Key Metrics: Kendra emphasizes the importance of analyzing hard numbers like lead generation conversion rates, email list growth, overall sales, and progress towards annual projections. Celebrating positive metrics and identifying strong performers for the next quarter is crucial.

Identifying Underperformers: The episode guides listeners through auditing underperforming aspects, such as website pages with high bounce rates, email funnels with drop-offs, and low-ROI social ads. Kendra advises on tweaking messaging and relaunching strategies for better results.

Operational Challenges and Solutions: Kendra shares insights on identifying operational bottlenecks that may have slowed down progress. She discusses the importance of correcting systemic issues to transform future execution strategies.

Kendra's approach to quarterly check-ins, inspired by the Full Focus Planner, includes celebrating wins, reviewing goals, and making necessary adjustments. She encourages flexibility and objective, metrics-driven analysis to optimize strategies moving forward. Listeners are invited to share their insights and learnings from their Q1 evaluations.

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