Craft your email subject lines to drive engagement!

Jan 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Did you know that 306 billion emails are sent and received per day? That is a crazy amount! Now more than ever it is essential to create email subject lines that quickly catch the recipient’s attention. It does not matter if the rest of your email is engaging—if you do not quickly pique attention with the subject line no one will read it. Read on to improve your email strategy! 

Define your target audience 

Before drafting your email, you need to know to whom you are sending it. Ann Handley of Marketing Profs and author of Everybody Writes says that you should always write to one specific person. Visualize that person as you write. Who do you see? 

If you are a small to mid-size business, focus on drawing in your favorite customer! This process does not need to be fancy, but you need to identify this audience as specifically as possible.  

For example, I worked with a company that specialized in high-end flooring and furniture design. Their target audience was a woman over the age of 50. She did not work and was affluent. This woman regularly shopped at Nordstrom and Target and belonged to a country club. She spent most of her time online on Facebook and reading her email.  

Using this data, we were able to get even more specific! “Ann”—as we referred to her—was a real person. We knew what would motivate and resonate with her and could personalize our messaging just to her. 

This is the most crucial factor in writing a subject line. All the following ideas and suggestions are general and not specific to your target audience. So, apply them carefully with your target audience in mind. 

Keep it short! 

The shorter your email subject line, the easier it is to read. When viewing an email on my phone a long subject line is cut off. A good rule of thumb is to keep your subject line down to 40 characters or between five and seven words. 

If possible, you could even experiment with dropping your subject line to as few as one or two words. This drives up the mystery and piques your reader’s interest! 

Stay focused 

Are you announcing a new product? Only mention that product in the subject line.  

Are you trying to increase awareness of a new course offering? Let your audience know in the subject line! 

Essentially, think of your subject line as a magnifying glass. Hyper focus on one topic. You can always use the later part of your email to shift focus to other offerings as needed but you need to secure a buy in first. 

Use Keywords 

Often, people will do a cursory review of their emails. Increase their ability to search for your email by using keywords. This will drive up email engagement because it allows the person to easily find your email and read it again. 

Use Emojis 

Emojis can be a fun way to shorten your subject line if you swap one out for a recognizable word. My one word of advice is to use them in moderation! One emoji is fine to use, but too many will clutter up the subject line. 

Avoid Spam Techniques 

Only use punctuation in moderation. One exclamation mark is safe, but do not use four in a row.  

DO NOT WRITE AN EMAIL SUBJECT IN ALL CAPS. Using all caps connotates yelling and makes people feel uncomfortable! It will also get your email flagged as spam. 

I hope these tips help you increase your email engagement rates! Interested in learning more or have questions? Join our Private Facebook Community where you can ask questions, celebrate successes, and learn from others about what is working and what is not.