Episode 32: Amazon Marketing with Annalisa DeMarta

Sep 1, 2022 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Amazon Marketing and Micro-failures with Annalisa DeMarta


WOW! I knew nothing about Amazon Marketing before my discussion with Annalisa DeMarta, but I learned A LOT during this episode of Imperfect Marketing. I hope you do too!

We explore different advertising techniques used in the Amazon Marketplace and unpack Amazon’s keyword ranking. Here’s a hint: reviews and service matter, and it’s a pay-to-play world.

One other fact I found fascinating is that the people who purchase items from your store aren’t your customers. Instead, they are Amazon’s customers.

There is a bit of a mindset shift here, but Annalisa shared her wealth of information and the lessons she has learned. She also encouraged us all to make “micro failures”—I LOVE that term and plan on stealing it for myself!

Click here to access the transcript and follow along!


In this Episode:

[00:01:03] Why would you want an agency to help you with Amazon SEO?
[00:03:11] How is Amazon SEO different?
[00:07:32] How much do reviews factor in?
[00:13:46] Signs your Amazon listing agency isn’t doing well for you
[00:19:15] Advice to getting started
[00:24:53] Biggest lesson learned?


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