Episode 34: Marketing WITHOUT Social Media with Johanna Renoth

Sep 8, 2022 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

Are you intrigued by the episode title? CAN a business survive without maintaining a social media presence?

Well, this Imperfect Marketing episode with Johanna Renoth might seem counterintuitive, but it offers an amazing new perspective on business management.

Yes, it is possible to market your business without relying on social platforms!

I had a fantastic time speaking with Johanna Renoth about her journey, the self-awareness she has developed, and how she is running a very successful business without structure and social media.

Could you do it? Or have you already taken the plunge and deleted your business’s social accounts?

I would love to hear your story; drop me an email at support@kendracorman.com.

Click here to access the transcript and follow along!

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