Episode 61: Brief on Short-Form Video

Jan 10, 2023 | Imperfect Marketing Podcast

So, I spoke with you in the last Imperfect Marketing Brief about 2023 trends. One of those trends was the short-form video.

How can you leverage short-form video for you and your audience?

Here is the script for the "fake" that might become real (or reel ) one day soon:

Do you want to know the three biggest mistakes solopreneurs make when building their content, like blogs, short-form videos, etc.?

Listen up! I am going to tell you and then show you how to avoid them.

  1. They don't have a call to action. Think about what you want people to do after they watch your video or read your blog. Work in a way for them to connect.
  2. They write/record what they want to write or record, not what their target audience is looking for. Start with questions! Always start with questions. That's free and easy to do.
  3. They aren't consistent. Sometimes it is about time, and other times it's just about not having any idea where to start. So, schedule your time and ideas and build a calendar that you can deliver on.

Anyway, to ensure you don't fall victim to these same mistakes I see over and over again, grab my five easy ways to generate content ideas. I will show you how you can have an unending list of content ideas to keep you consistent and delivering to your audience.

So, go to kendracorman.com/5hacks to get your copy now!

Have you experimented with short-form videos? Are you a "reel" master? Let me know at support@kendracorman.com.


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